Search Equipment

Conducting a proper search is a critical component of any security effort. Having the proper tools and training is essential to conducting a thorough and proper search. The SDS provides the following search tools:

Non-Linear Junction Detector

EFIS 5 Telescopic Video System

EFIS 5 Telescopic Video System

SDS Endoscope Search Kit

SDS Endoscope Search Kit

SDS Flexible Endoscope Search Kit

SDS Flexible Endoscope Search Kit

SDS Under Door Viewing Kit

SDS Group Under Door Viewing Kit

Infrared Underdoor Viewing Kit

SDS Audio Endoscope

Panther Search Torch

SDS 800 Floodlight

Maxi 9000 Area Floodlight

EFIS 4 Under Vehicle Search Mirror – Motorised

EFIS 1 Telescopic Search Mirror

VM2500 Under vehicle Search Mirror

EFIS 5 Telescopic Video Camera+IR



TIM 2350 Telescopic Inspection Mirror

TIM 2300 Telescopic Illuminated Inspection Mirror

SAFE C Telescopic Search Mirror

Telescopic Pocket Search Mirror

Telescopic Illuminated Search Mirror


X-Ray Equipment


EOD Equipment


Mine Detection and Metal Detection Equipment


Personal Protection Equipment


Explosive and Drug Detection

There are three key elements to IEDD & EOD:

  1. Detection,
  2. Neutralisation and
  3. Training
SDS Provides specialised products that address each of these three elements.

Detection and Neutralisation

Our leading products used to detect and neutralise expolsive threats consist of:

  • Portable X-rayPortable x-ray Trekker - Specialty Search Equipment
  • Metal and Mine detectors
  • Explosive detectors and Drug/contraband  detectors
  • Hook and Line and Blast Protection equipment for Low to High Risk Security EOD and IEDD, Search and Disposal Operations.

All the products we offer have been comprehensively tested by skilled SDS Group technical personnel.  Only those products that pass our most stringent testing procedures are offered to our clients and customers.  In addition, all our products are backed with our post-warranty, service and maintenance packages.

Follow-on training is available for all our equipment.

Detection and Protection Equipment

Our comprehensive range of detection and protection equipment is unparalleled. Some of our market-leading products are featured here:

Our Portable Metal Detection Archways and hand held devices are the products of choice for the UK’s Met Police in their fight against knife crime.

When VIP’s are on the move, so are our portable real-time inspection systems, operatives can stay ahead of unwanted trouble.

Unattended items are a particular cause for concern in all public places. Our range of fully portable X-ray systems are designed for military, police and security officers alike, allowing suspect items to be cleared or confirmed within minutes.

When dealing with potential explosive devices, stay safe and work with our super-sensitive, lightweight yet rugged, battery operated portable X-ray inspection systems.

With just one approach (or no approach when mounted on a robot), you can achieve immediate results with no scanning or processing time.

Our X-ray software contains a proprietary algorithm for automatic organic/ inorganic detection that surpasses airport standards and provides images at 10 -100 times the normal resolution. The set-up process is simple and short, with comprehensive results in seconds.

With their unique dual energy features, our products continue to be the market leaders in X-ray inspection.